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Automated Data Entry


KFIPro (or “Key from Image Pro” data entry), allows the user to classify, group, validate and enter information in multiple forms by reviewing the original image. This can substantially increase tha pace of data entry work. These images or snippets can be at a field level or an image of the whole page. With KFIPro you can batch together one field each (e.g numeric) to a certain data entry operator. Thus work can be divided at a field level. The data entry can also be done form an image of the full page.

Here are screen captures for the two scenarios

Snippet keying

Snippets may be grouped together by keying characteristics (numeric, zip codes, addresses, etc.) and distributed to keying workstations. To produce high keying entry rates, many similar field images from different documents are tiled together on a single screen. The system then merges the individual fields back into the parent documents automatically.

Full Image keying

Full Image Keying allows the user to view the entire scanned page. The user has the option to add their own queues to group different document types into separate queues for keying. When keying full page images, the system automatically highlights the current data entry field for keying. If the next field to be keyed is on a different page of a multi-page document, the system will auto-navigate the image to that page and highlight the field location as a user tabs into the next field on the screen. This eliminates the need for users to navigate the image with the keyboard or mouse. This feature alone can save up to 25% in keying labor.