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We at Oyster want to hear about all your forms processing and data entry needs. Whether you are looking for a survey, capturing retail data, processing education forms, marking answer sheets etc., we can help you significantly reduce your costs and increase speeds.

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Oyster Software’s FormsPro replaces outdated paper based data entry and older Imaging systems with automated form based transaction processing to provide state-of-the-art forms processing. Its data capture system utilizes the latest in technology, including OCR/ICR and IFR (Intelligent Form Recognition).


  • Increases timeliness and accuracy of data entry
  • Improves data integrity
  • Reduces labor costs for data entry personnel
  • Improves cash flow from financial transactions
  • Enables other image-based applications to enhance billing and customer service
  • Provides user configurable, multi-form OCR processing

FormsPro provides many competitive advantages, including:

System integration: No proprietary third party hardware or software is required: a FormsPro installation can operate using a heterogeneous environment of scanners and recognition engines.
Scalability: Run 1000 to 5,000,000 pages per day simply by adding hardware or software modules to the base system.
Flexibility: Add new forms to the system for processing in a matter of hours. System processes are setup to run unattended at specific intervals; FormsPro keeps a detailed log of background processes statistics. Competitive pricing: Rapid return on investment, within six to twelve months.