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We at Oyster want to hear about all your forms processing and data entry needs. Whether you are looking for a survey, capturing retail data, processing education forms, marking answer sheets etc., we can help you significantly reduce your costs and increase speeds.

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Industry Solutions

Banking & Financial Services
FormsPro enables banks and financial institutions to capture information from forms and documents like credit card applications, invoices, account opening forms, loan applications etc. and deliver this information to other systems so it can be processed in a timely fashion.  

Process and capture information from patient admit forms, diagnosis, invoices, pension plans etc. to hospital information systems and operators to deliver timely services and value to customers. like invoices.

Process insurance claims, medical reports, accident claims in a timely and accurate manner using our products and services.  

We can help your educational institution to process admission forms, mark answer sheets and process other forms with high levels of accuracy.  

We can help you design survey forms and then capture your data with minimum manual intervention. This can cut time for a 2month survey to a matter of a week or two.  

Service companies use FormsPro for automatic data capture from documents, forms etc like invoices, customer feedback forms, payroll forms, accounts receivables etc.


Whatever your area of operation, if you use forms extensively or want to capture large amounts of data, please contact us and we can give you a more accurate description of how our services may benefit you.