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We at Oyster want to hear about all your forms processing and data entry needs. Whether you are looking for a survey, capturing retail data, processing education forms, marking answer sheets etc., we can help you significantly reduce your costs and increase speeds.

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Why Oyster

The size of its customer contracts, attests to the company’s ability to successfully manage large systems development and installations. Furthermore, Oyster’s negotiated contract agreements with its multi-billion dollar corporate client’s which attest to the financial stability and technical ability of our company in the software development and services industry.

Why FormsPro

Key Benefits of Owning FormsPro
  • Increased timeliness and accuracy of the data entry process
  • improved data integrity through sophisticated edit processes
  • User configurable, multi-form OCR processing
  • Substantially reduced labor costs for data entry personnel
  • Improved cash flow form financial transactions
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Enables other image based applications to enhance billing, customer service and CASE oriented work flow.

An integrated solution: FormsPro is a Systems Integrator's Solution. It is not tied with any specific third party hardware or software. A FormsPro installation can have several different scanners and recognition engines (selected from the latest and best in the industry to avoid going obsolete).

Scalability: FomsPro can be scaled to run 1000 to 5,000,000 (or more) pages per day adding hardware and/or software modules to the base system. You have the added option to mix windows and Unix machines within the same install of FormsPro or run it on a Unix only or Windows only configuration.

Flexibility and Ease of Operation:New forms can be added to the system for processing in a matter of hours. Most system processes are setup to run unattended at specific intervals. These "background" processes keep a detailed log of all statistics for periodic reviewing.Competitive Pricing:A FormsPro system has a typical pay back of 6-12 months.